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Bathroom Redesign for Under $200

Have you ever looked around a room in your house and thought to yourself, “this space could sure use a refresh, but I just don’t have the money”? Here are some tips on how to give a smaller space, such as a bathroom an incredible facelift without having to break the bank.

My sister is a passionate teacher, and mother of two children under the ages of 5. She very rarely has time for herself. So I thought, for her birthday wouldn’t it be nice if I could redesign her bathroom and create a space where she can have a bath after the kids go to bed, light a candle, and unwind. I wanted to keep the cost of this project around the $200 mark, and also wanted to complete it in a day so that she would be surprised when she came home from work. Here is how I achieved these goals!

I started with making a list of ‘must-do’s’. This included the window treatment, shower curtain and paint. I then canvassed stores such as Jysk, Wal-Mart, Superstore, and Canadian Tire to find the best prices on these items. I ended up spending $40 on paint from Canadian Tire, $30 on pull-down cordless blinds from Wal-Mart, and $20 on a shower curtain at Jysk. I then purchased several accessories from Jysk which included, a soap dispenser, matching cup, bath mat and two floating shelves for an additional $50. I purchased three hand towels, a larger bath towel, a small succulent plant and a candle from Wal-Mart for an additional $30. These were all the supplies I purchased for a total of: $170.

Here is a before picture of the bathroom:

My second goal was to complete this project within a day. Starting at 8:30am, I began by removing all the existing items and hardware, puttying any holes in the wall and painted. While the paint was drying I began to work on installing the blinds and the floating shelves. WARNING – The blinds and the floating shelves were more difficult to install than I originally thought. Not going to lie, I had to call a friend (or in this case, my partner and mom.)

Completing this project at 5:00pm, here is the ‘After’:

Needless to say, she was thrilled with the results and bonus – so were my niece and nephew!

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